Contemporary Literature and Social Invisibility: Special Issue of ZAA out now


Two years after I organised a workshop on The Literature of Invisibility at the Center for Advanced Studies of LMU Munich, a selection of contributions on the state of invisibility studies and its particular relevance for contemporary literature has come out as a special issue of Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik. Many thanks to all the contributors and editors!

Follow this DOI for my introduction:

Esther Peeren’s „Afterword: Running with the Metaphor of Social Invisibility“ is available open source:


“Contemporary Literature and Social Invisibility: Introduction” (Gero Guttzeit)

“Thresholds of In/Visibility and the Scopic Power of Literature” (Françoise Král)

“The Poetics of (Un)Mournability: Emma Donoghue’s Hood (1995) as an Elegy in Invisible Ink” (Héloïse Lecomte)

“Experience(s) of Decorporation: The Invisibilisation of Care in John Lanchester’s Capital (2012)” (Alice Borrego)

“Becoming (In)Visible: Self-Assertion and Disappearance of the Self in Contemporary Surveillance Narratives” (Betiel Wasihun)

“‘Perced to the roote’: Refugee Tales and the Poetics of In/Visibility” (Sibylle Baumbach)

“Afterword: Running with the Metaphor of Social Invisibility” (Esther Peeren)

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